Space v. Functionality

We all want that dream kitchen that inspires us to create delicious meals every day. We want our guests to walk in and be impressed beyond belief at the beautiful room that is our kitchen. However, we also want enough space to accommodate our ever-accumulating gadgets and appliances, without compromising on style. Let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Drawers v. Cupboards

Who doesn’t love the contemporary look of drawers in a kitchen? You can dress them up with fancy handles and bam, your kitchen looks amazing. Drawer contents are easy to keep tidy as each drawer contains limited space. Also, they enable you to find exactly what you need quickly as the entire contents are visible when pulled open.

Drawers need to be installed below bench height for ergonomic use. Any storage above benchtop height will need to consist of cabinets or open shelving.

Having more drawers than cabinets may prevent impulse purchases as you can only fit so much in a drawer. Whilst limiting your storage space, it will increase your efficiency and organisation.

If you have a small kitchen however, you will need to make use of cabinets for extra storage. Cabinets provide more space for kitchen equipment, especially tall appliances that will not fit in a drawer. The downside to cabinets is that they can get extremely messy, and if a cabinet is very full, it is hard to find something that is stored in the back of it.

Therefore, it comes down to the size of your kitchen, the amount of cabinets you have to store the larger items, and how well you can resist the urge to purchase another gadget you can survive without. It also depends on personal choice and what you would be comfortable seeing and using every day.

Corner Cabinets v. Corner Pull Out Units

Corner cabinets provide a huge amount of storage. If you are short on storage space, a corner cabinet will be your saving grace. The fact that you need to contort yourself into some sort of yoga position to see what is in the very back ‘blind’ corner of the cabinet may be something you have to live with if space is an issue. Thankfully, there is a cabinet door that can be closed to hide whatever mess lies within.

If you would like a more organised corner cabinet with ease of access, then a Corner Pull Out Unit is the answer. This is a type of cabinet hardware that is installed inside your corner cabinet, enabling you to store items on four metal baskets that completely pulls out of the cabinet, in two steps, so you can easily reach what you need. This is a fantastic way to see exactly what is in the cabinet and to access it efficiently and ergonomically.

Be aware, however, that internal cabinet hardware decreases the overall amount of space in a cabinet by a significant amount. Not only does it take up space to install, but the supplied metal baskets are smaller than the capacity of the cabinet.

Integrated Appliances

Another space factor to consider in your kitchen are integrated appliances. These are a sleek way to streamline your kitchen by hiding the commonly used appliances, such as the dishwasher and fridge, behind a cabinet door or panel.

Space wise, however, integrated appliances usually need to be smaller to fit inside a cabinet. This means the appliance will have less capacity for dish washing or refrigerated storage. Another downfall is the limited ease of access to the appliance when it needs servicing or replacing, which in turn could increase servicing costs. Generally, the cost of purchasing integrated appliances is more than stand-alone appliances.

As each kitchen is different, a variety of appliances, drawers, cabinets, and hardware can be used to create the perfect storage configuration. Before you start planning your dream kitchen, take into consideration how you want to use your kitchen and what requires storing. With this in mind, you’ll be able to create a kitchen with just the right amount of functional and stylish storage solutions for you and your family!

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